Integrative Restoration: The Ancient Practice of Yoga Nidra for Easing Stress, Healing Trauma and Awakening to your Timeless Presence

Monday, November 30, 2009

Integrative Restoration: The Ancient Practice of Yoga Nidra for Easing Stress, Healing Trauma and Awakening to your Timeless Presence


Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) is a collection of simple relaxation techniques based on an ancient practice of self-investigation. The aim is to uncover and release repressed unconscious material. As a metaphor, the sleeping yogi, like the rest of us when asleep, is oblivious to her limited self and the world around her; but when she's asleep, she's "awake" to her infinite Self, which is the goal of all schools of yoga. These and other principles of Yoga Nidra are explained in nearly four hours of instruction and five in-depth practices in this six-CD set. The practice itself is fairly simple. Performed sitting or reclining, Yoga Nidra employs a host of relatively familiar meditation techniques--breath awareness, body scanning, visualization, and positive reinforcement--to achieve a state of deep relaxation. In our high-stress society, this benefit in itself is worth the price of admission. You're also guided to explore the hidden recesses of your psyche in order to deconstruct false assumptions about yourself and about your relationship with the world, which, ideally, will reveal your authentic nature. Miller, a psychologist, yoga teacher, and the founder of the Center of Timeless Being in Sebastopol, California, has refined the practice and made it accessible to all. --Richard Rosen, Yoga Journal, August 2007.

  Product Description

Integrative Restoration, or iRest, is a modern adaptation of Yoga Nidra, the ancient form of yogic meditation. iRest helps you break free of self-limiting patterns, emotions and beliefs so that you may live a contented life, full of joyful equanimity and free of conflict, anxiety and suffering. In its ultimate form, iRest reveals the secret of enlightenment and introduces you to your True Nature as joyful and radiant Presence. iRest induces deep relaxation throughout your entire body and mind and enables you to eliminate stress and resolve personal problems and trauma and neutralize anxiety, fear, anger, depression and insomnia. It teaches you how to enter deep meditation, and in its ultimate form, iRest helps you unravel the mystery of life and answer the questions,"Who am I?" and "What is enightenment?"

 About the Author

Richard Miller, Ph.D., a contemporary spiritual teacher, is the founding president of the Center of Timeless Being, co-president of the Institute for Spirituality and Psychology, and co-founder of The International Association of Yoga Therapy. Richard is a consultant on research projects studying the healing impact of the Yoga Nidra iRest protocol that he has developed with various populations including soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder, the homeless, children, people experiencing chronic pain, insomnia and asthma, and the well-being of college students. Richard leads retreats and trainings throughout North America with a focus on enlightened living in daily life.


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