Yoga Nidra : Methods to Remain Awake

Monday, November 30, 2009

Methods to Remain Awake

Initially, when one starts to practise Yoga Nidra, one common problem could be the tendency
to fall asleep. With practice, this should be overcome. The following are some suggestions by
Swami Janakananda on various ways to remain awake:
- Take a hot and then cold shower before the session.
- Before the relaxation, do the Headstand or Clown pose if one is familiar with them.
- During the relaxation, leave the feet uncovered.
- Hold either one or both forearms up in the air during the practice.
- Say the instructions mentally along with the voice that is guiding the practice.
- If all else fails, do the practice standing up. (Janakananda 1983)


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